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Resting Metabolic Analysis

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Fitness Analysis

Resting Metabolic Analysis

Taking the guesswork out of your health and fitness planning. Ideal for an accurate measure of your basic calories needs.


Having a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test reveals 9 of your own specific biomarkers. Simply lying down and relaxing while our medical grade equipment measures your health:

  • Resting metabolic rate
  • Optimal fat burning zone
  • Calorie burn
  • Movement economy
  • Heart fitness
  • Lung fitness
  • Cellular/ muscle fitness
  • Fat & Carb burn variation

The RMR test assembles these biomarkers so they can be used to plan personalised exercise and/ or weight management* program, tailored to improve your specific metabolic profile and to help you manage your weight or improve health/ fitness performance.

It is the most clinically accurate method to determine how fast or slow your metabolism is working. Showing your individual ability to burn fat and how many carbs your body needs to maximize fitness, manage your weight and assist your nutritional goals. 

The analysis provides measurements more accurate than any other method of fitness tracking. Boost your commitment to exercise and diet knowing what YOU need, not a random guess, estimate or assumption. Giving you the information needed to achieve your health goals and be YOUR best. 

The optional 7 site body composition can give real insight into your weight management. Body weight measurement alone is a poor indicator for fat reduction and most electrical measurements are effected by hydration status.

If you exercise and diet regularly and don’t seem to get the results that you want, then metabolic testing is right for you. When dieting and tracking your food intake is to no avail then metabolic testing is the SMARTER step to know how to manage your weight and exercise requirements. 

Prior to testing we ask a few questions to help establish your current health and fitness level, aims, goals and take some basic measurements; height and weight. This takes 10-15min.

During the test, you'll need to wear heart rate monitor (chest strap) and analysis mask. Laying in a relaxed position during the analysis you will breathe into the mask into the mouthpiece for 12-15 minutes. During this time data is collected and analysed. Based on the amount of carbon dioxide that you exhale, oxygen you inhale during the analysis we are able to determine how efficiently you use oxygen/burn calories, providing you with an individual metabolic profile.

After the analysis, we can briefly show you the results, although a full detailed report will be sent to you with 1-3 days depending on the volume of prior analysis we have done. We offer a 20-30min consultation to talk through your results and provide advice on your health, fitness, nutritional and performance goals.

Bear in mind that exercise testing is not "one and done." As your body changes through diet and exercise, so will your metabolism numbers change as your body changes. Guessing about your physiology can lead to inefficiencies in nutritional and exercise requirements, weight management and fitness planning. It is recommended to re-evaluate between 8-12 weeks for maintaining optimum efficiency.

* Optional 7 site body composition analysis additional $25

Resting Metabolic Analysis
Fitness Analysis
Taking the guesswork out of your health and fitness planning. Ideal for an accurate measure of your basic calories needs.
Uses mobile equipment - we come to you. Areas covered: Queenstown, Cromwell, Alexandra, Wanaka, Lake Hawea.
1 hour
Invest in yourself and do it the right way. Discount: Combine this with one of our training plans to save on your test: Bronze Training plan save $20. Silver Training plan saves $30. Gold plan to save $40 + receive a free Training Peaks account with any training plan (normally $15 a month) while on our plan.