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We will find your body's limits - and help you raise them

fitness analysis

We apply sports science to assist you toward your health and fitness goals. Our mobile equipment enables us to test almost anywhere.

Fitness Analysis

Health and Fitness Package

This packages combines the measurement of 5 biomarkers to give the individual a good insight to their current health.

1 hour


Fitness Analysis

Resting Metabolic Analysis

Taking the guesswork out of your health and fitness planning. Ideal for an accurate measure of your basic calories needs.

1 hour


Fitness Analysis

Active Metabolic Analysis

Clinical grade analysis gives you the most effective training and recovery insight that science can offer, assisting your health, fitness, nutritional and performance needs. Ideal for a detailed analysis of your calories needs, training zones and any limiting fitness factors.

1:30 hours


Fitness Analysis

Metabolic & Nutritional Analysis

Find out what nutritional choices are best for your correct energy utilisation. Improving factors affecting your fitness, performance and health to be YOUR best.

A package that assesses your metabolic efficiency and delivers a comprehensive plan.

2hr 30min


jason sklenar
WELCOME to smarter fitness

here to support your health and fitness goals

At Smarter Fitness we aim to provide you with the most up to date tools and information to support your health and fitness goals

We do this in three main areas: Fitness Analysis, Performance Nutrition and Training Plans

With our help and expertise we can set you on your way to achieving your objective.

Jason Sklenar

fitness testing

This is simply using sport science to assist in you towards your health and fitness goals. We provide hydration testing, functional movements screening, body composition, threshold testing together with body mass indexing, blood pressure checks and, our top service metabolic analysis.


what do we test?

At Smarter Fitness we test the main physiological biomarkers involved in fitness training. This allows us to build a full picture of your current health and fitness status allowing us to assist you in achieving your personal fitness goals.


Hydration Testing -


Functional Movement Screening -


Body Composition Analysis -


Lung Function Spirometry Analysis -


Threshold Training -


Blood Pressure Tests -


Metabolic Testing - our signature service



Metabolic testing is scientifically proven and clinically validated testing that can help you towards your goals in no time!

Metabolic testing is what we use to know what to eat and how to train effectively, whether you're an athlete or interested in weight management. Offering a range of metabolic tests to help in the design of customised fitness and nutrition plans designed around your individual needs. During metabolic testing there is a need to wear a face mask and HR monitor whilst the test is performed.  



Latest Technology: We use the latest independently validated gold-standard mobile sport physiology testing equipment.

Latest Technology

We have the latest and best equipment and we're trained to use it

Scientific Analysis

Combining a rigorous Sports Science background with a pragmatic ex-elite athelete's approach


We care about our clients. Your success means as much to us as it does to you!

About Jason

the benefit of years of experience

Jason has gained a wealth of expertise as a fitness instructor and educator at multiple Olympics as an athlete, coach and manager. He was awarded an MBE by HRH King Charles both for his own sporting achievements and also his role in the athletic development of others.

Jason holds an MSc in Applied Exercise & Sports Nutrition as well as a Sports Science and Performance BSc. Jason is married with three children and lives in Lake Hāwea enjoying an active lifestyle.

Jason Sklenar
smarter fitness founder

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There is a special program designed only for your specific needs


"Metabolic analyse accurately pinpoints my limiting factors, helping me get the most out of my training”

Jan Frodeno
Professional Triathlete: Olympic gold medalist, Ironman World Champion.

"I use metabolic analysis to quantify my improvements and find my limitations in real training conditions"

Antony “Le Tigre” Costes
Professional Triathlete