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Smarter Fitness is here to help you achieve. We will help you on your health, fitness and performance journey making sure that you get the best from your body.

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At Smarter Fitness we aim to provide you with the most up to date tools and information to support your health and fitness goals. We do this in three main areas: Fitness Analysis, Performance Nutrition and Training Plans.

fitness analysis

Using sport science to assist in you towards your health and fitness goals

performance NUTRITION

Helping you eat what is best for your lifestyle, health and athletic goals

training plans

Helping and guiding you along the way to your health, fitness and athletic  objective

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Jason sklenar - FOunder

Four time Olympian Jason Sklenar MBE MSc has the ideal blend of experience and academic knowledge to deliver improvement to for your health, fitness, nutrition and performance. As an Olympic athlete, coach and manager, Jason knows first hand how important working towards a clearly defined goal is. He'll help you maintain your long term development and achieve the success you are capable of.

Contact Jason today to find out how he can help you achieve.

Jason Sklenar

fitness analysis

We apply sports science to assist you toward your health and fitness goals. Our mobile equipment enables us to test almost anywhere.

Fitness Analysis

Health and Fitness Package

This packages combines the measurement of 5 biomarkers to give the individual a good insight to their current health.

1 hour


Fitness Analysis

Resting Metabolic Analysis

Taking the guesswork out of your health and fitness planning. Ideal for an accurate measure of your basic calories needs.

1 hour


Fitness Analysis

Active Metabolic Analysis

Clinical grade analysis gives you the most effective training and recovery insight that science can offer, assisting your health, fitness, nutritional and performance needs. Ideal for a detailed analysis of your calories needs, training zones and any limiting fitness factors.

1:30 hours


Fitness Analysis

Metabolic & Nutritional Analysis

Find out what nutritional choices are best for your correct energy utilisation. Improving factors affecting your fitness, performance and health to be YOUR best.

A package that assesses your metabolic efficiency and delivers a comprehensive plan.

2hr 30min


performance nutrition

Using the latest research to tailor your nutrition to your health and fitness goals, ensuring correct recovery, maintenance and adaptation from all your active lifestyle pursuits.  

Performance Nutrition

Nutritional Planning Session

Knowing about nutrition is vital for everybody.

Learn strategic nutritional techniques to help achieve a more balanced weight management strategy and lifestyle.

1 hour


training plans & Coaching

We use our years of professional fitness and sports coaching to produce a personalised  training plan to suit your sports, activity level and lifestyle. 

All training plans can be run along side other Smarter Fitness services.

Training Plans

Bronze training plan

This plan is a good place to start if you are fairly new to training or have had a break for more than a few months.

Comprehensive plan catering for your individual needs. This specialised service puts individuals on the right track to healthy living and fitness goals.

$59.80 per week

Training Plans

Silver training plan

This plan is for the individual who has at least 2-3 month of solid training under their belt and is ready to take their training to the next level.

Whatever your current level of training and nutrition is, we evaluate each client and formulate a personalised training plan with diet advice based on your specific needs.

$74.75 per week

Training Plans

Gold training plan

This is for the person who is chasing a personal best, once in a lifetime event or qualifying for elite level competition.

Our Gold Plan - also including a free Premium Training Peaks account - delivers personalised, professional support and advice on all training related matters. Periodised training plan designed around reaching your peak performance goals. This plan has it all, day-to-day monitoring and feedback, professional advice on long term performance gains including nutritional advice to support your goals.

$109.75 per week

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About smarter fitness

Olympic coaching and nutritional advice from Smarter Coaching Solutions. Bespoke planning and monitoring to help you achieve your personal goals.

Jason's experience

years of experience

Jason has gained a wealth of experience, as a fitness instructor, and at the highest levels of sport as an Olympic athlete, coach and manager. He was awarded an MBE by HRH Prince Charles for his sporting achievements and the athletic development of others

Jason holds a Design and Technology BSc, Sports Science and Performance BSc and a MSc in Applied Exercise & Sports Nutrition. Jason is married with three children and lives in Hawea, Otago, New Zealand and enjoys an active lifestyle.

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planned results

With science know-how and years of experience, Smarter Fitness can help you achieve your nutritional, health, fitness and performance goals.

Your best performance doesn't always come from training harder - but it will come from training smarter.