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At Smarter Fitness we use mobile systems, coupled with years of professional experience in the health and fitness sector, to bring you a smarter way to reach your health and fitness goals.

No two people are the same. We provide a tailored service to meet your needs.


A step by step approach

In order to achieve your health and fitness goals, We rely on the SMARTER FITNESS approach:


We start with a one-on-one consultation to review your current health and fitness level and to understand and define your goals


We then identify the factors currently limiting you and discuss methods to improve


Finally, we provide you with the data, plans and service to take you forward

what will it cost?

Smarter Fitness provides a variety of mobile services to suit all budgets, starting from the free Nutritional Lifestyle Consultation all the way to the gold standard Metabolic and Nutritional Analysis session.

We have two types of fee, depending on what service you need:

PAY PER Session

A single fee for a one-off session

personal coaching Subscription

A monthly fee for a long term partnership toward sucess

We also offer great discounts when you combine more than one service. See our service pages for more detail.

what will you get out of it?

Training, recovery, nutrition and lifestyle are the main key elements to anyone's health and fitness. However no two people are the same and so your requirements are as individual as you are.

Smarter Fitness recognises this and profiles each client's goals and requirements - considering age, activity level and dietary needs. We use the most advanced methods currently available to ensure we focus on what is best for you - for example, your unique training zones or the precise nutritional requirements you have to allow optimal improvement.

Our services take the guesswork out of your physiological requirements, optimising your training and nutrition and resulting in superior health gains.  

About Jason

the benefit of years of experience

Jason has gained a wealth of expertise as a fitness instructor and educator at multiple Olympics as an athlete, coach and manager. He was awarded an MBE by HRH King Charles both for his own sporting achievements and also his role in the athletic development of others.

Jason holds an MSc in Applied Exercise & Sports Nutrition as well as a Sports Science and Performance BSc. Jason is married with three children and lives in Lake Hāwea enjoying an active lifestyle.

Jason Sklenar
smarter fitness founder

Frequently Asked Questions

At Smarter Fitness we try not to confuse you with jargon - but we know you have questions!

Some of our more frequently asked questions can be found below, but if you're not sure, drop us a line and we'll do our best to help.

Fitness Testing - What is metabolic testing?

This is simply a physiological test that measures how efficient your body burns fuel. We use the most accurate portable clinical grade equipment to analyse your breath and measure the use of O2 and the exhalation of CO2. This determines how fast or slow your metabolism is working. 

Fitness Testing - Which test is best for me?

This will depend on your goals and health/ fitness level. The resting test will give very good insight to how efficient your body is and decent results for diet and exercise recommendations. The active test is performed over varying intensities and therefore able to measure your body's efficiency at every level of effort. This has the advantage of analysing your body's economy and heart rate providing the most accurate measure of effort versus economy.  

Fitness Testing - What will a metabolic test show me?

Our test will be able to analysis your metabolic rate (how fast or slow you burn fuel), give insight to individual heart rate training zones, indicate optimal fat burning zone, carbohydrate burning zone, provide breakdown of current heart health, lung fitness and relevant recovery and nutritional needs.

Training Plans - How are the training plans designed?

All of our training plans are designed for the individual in mind. We use a one-on-one consultation to review your goals, ambitions, training age (how long you have been training without prolonged breaks of more than 6-8 weeks) and talk through realistic training time and expectations. From this we draft out your periodised training program. Depending which package you choose will depend on the level of feedback and detail to the plan. Good training plans take a decent amount of time to design and therefore there can be a few days between consultation and receiving your plan.

Performance Nutrition - How are my meals planned?

Once you have completed your metabolic analysis the data is used to customise your ideal nutritional plan to meet all your requirements. If you have any dietary needs, intolerances, preferences these can all be accounted for so that you receive the best recommendations possible.

Training Plans - What is TrainingPeakstm ?

TrainingPeaks is an online training plan tailored to most sports coaching to track a client's training progress. It is a very useful tool for both the client and coach as it enables both to see how they are getting on, where they might need to improve and the development towards their goals.

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